Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drug Addiction is not that Funny After All.

Charlie Sheen performed his first "Torpedo of Truth" show in Detroit.  I will refrain from using a pun on how he torpedoed his own show as I am not a hack.

It can only get better from here, Charlie.

I was curious as to how a white guy who got his break because of his family connections and who is now complaining that his employer asked him to curtail his substance use, would fly in Detroit.

It's a bit like being Tom Collichio when complaining that your rack of lamb was slightly overcooked when there are people digging in their couch cushions in order to buy something off of the dollar menu.  Yet, he's taking his great tragedy on a nationwide tour.

I'm not sure what these people were thinking they were going to find when they decided to go to the show.  God knows how many strung out people on the sidewalks they stepped over and fled from while going to the theater.  Yet, they handed over their hard-earned cash to some guy that they already know is going to put it straight up his nose.  Poor Golden Voice Guy got literally 15 minutes of fame before people figured out he wasn't just a cuddly, smiling, homeless guy.  So, what is different?  What motivated this audience to show up with actual expectations of actually seeing a professional show on the same level as Conan O'Brien?

The only thing I can think of is that they must view him as some sort of anti-hero.  Just like how President George W. Bush won the election based upon the false belief created in people's minds that he is the President that the average person could have a beer with, Charlie Sheen must have tapped into that same mentality.  He became their funny drunk friend with all of the bat shit stories.

"He's just the life of the party.  Just like Ted.  Ted's cool because he gets super wasted and always has the best stories of how he woke up in the bottom of the dumpster after he got his ass kicked by a tranny."

That, or the audience viewed him as the fellow creature who lost his job, but was in the position to actually say something about it.  There is none of this keeping quiet out of fear that the next employer will think that they are a complainer or were let go for a real reason.  No, by golly!  This guy organized an entire tour and let the entire world know that it sucks to be trod on by the Man!

However, Charlie Sheen trots out there, and suddenly, the audience sees for themselves that he is not their anti-hero.  In fact, his life isn't anything like theirs.  He lives in Hollywood and never once had to hold a job like they've held one.  He's had a string of marriages to beautiful women and lived a lifestyle that they cannot imagine.  They had mistaken "Duh, winning!" for sheer stand-up comedic prowess on the level of George Carlin.  All of the hopes and expectations of what this guy is instantly evaporated.  They saw a person who was severely affected by his problems and who they absolutely cannot relate to.

Instead of acknowledging that they got what they paid for, they chose to boo him as if they got ripped off.

You knew he wasn't a standup comedian.

You knew he had a lot of problems in his life.

You paid to see a trainwreck, and now you are pissed because that's exactly what you got.