Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I seriously can't believe that people are going to unaccredited schools at this point

I recently read an article about students that were going to unaccredited schools because they were taking a leap of faith their school would be accredited by the time they graduated/tried to find a job.

Not to be offensive, but what type of job were you hoping to find?  Do you hate yourselves or are you so adverse to finding a job that you will spend whatever money it takes to delay the real world?

You can automatically cross off BIGLAW from your list.   Some of you MIGHT find jobs in the DA's office.  That would at least count as steady income.    Unlike your world of working at Pizza Hut for $10 an hour, the practice of law is like auditioning for American Idol, and even if you make the Top 10, some nefarious group of pranksters is going to robo dial until you get the lowest number of votes at some point.

I went into law because I could WRITE.  I made law review and I thought that life was good.  Then, the year of unemployment began.  I had a short-term job, but I did not fit into their culture.  Then, I finally "made it" and landed in something that ran for a good five years, but then I made the mistake of broadening my horizons.  Suddenly, the phrase, "But what have you done for me lately?" comes into play.  The LSAT does not measure the soft skills.  Even if you make it out of law school with a decent set of credentials, that will not matter within months of receipt of your bar exam results.