Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dear Law School....

You have found my new land line number somehow and have started calling and asking for donations.  I seriously don't know how you did it and frankly it is a bit creepy because I get creditor phone calls for people that used to have this number before I did and the creditors have no clue that their quarry has moved on.  If you can, please call the collection agencies and tell them that David Cruz no longer has this number, thanks.

I've had a chance to compare my legal skills to laypeople and other lawyers recently, and I recall how things were when I was a 1L.  It takes me back to those heady days where even I racked my brain and likely spit out wrong answers 4/5ths of the time.  That was a blast!  Oh, if only the public knew how the most basic and common sense beliefs are turned on their heads for the sake of making us study an ungodly amount of hours.  Oh gee, what happens when a person buys blue widgets and receives pink widgets?  I can stand in line at the return counter or keep them.  In the course materials, these scenarios are sometimes depicted with drawings or with fact patterns.  Again, I am sure that the public that pays lots of money for these services would feel better knowing that their attorney received training via cartoon drawings and flash cards.

I didn't learn anything in that environment except for the basics on how to pass the bar.  Thanks to the real life work experience I've had, I can now "think like a lawyer."  If only I could point to something and proudly say, "Professor Such'n'such told me how to solve it this way!"  But no.  I think of the practicing attorneys, judges, my job, and the non-attorney coworkers who taught me how to approach problems and solve them.

Thank you, again.  I realize that it isn't your fault because law school was created to be a barrier to keep people from practicing law, not for getting people ready to do their jobs.  I should commend you for fulfilling your niche in this assembly line through the lack of useful information to the point that I could not even file a lawsuit in JP court without receiving assistance from the clerks if I wanted to, as well as the sheer expense of attending.