Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Too Soon.

Sometimes, I link articles that seem relevant to the unemployed-attorney plight. Today, truth is stranger than fiction, so I included a link to a job-hunting article on "The Onion."

It's not quite as funny as that sitcom "Outsourced," but a chortle in itself.

And speaking of "Outsourced", does anybody find this premise funny?

Do the networks view this as the same kind of funny-haha that people experience when watching home videos of some guy getting racked in the nuts by a 2X4?

Is this supposed to be like "Hogan's Heroes" where the audience at home finds comic relief in watching prisoners of war trying to escape the Germans?

I'm sure that John McCain enjoys his box set with a few tall ones on those nights he can't quite go to sleep.

While watching somebody get racked in the nuts is funny, we know that the pain is temporary and the guy will be up and walking again tomorrow. There isn't a Detroit-sort of outcome where the guy is going to go on unemployment, develop a drinking problem, and then wind up in prison after assaulting the neighbor.

Somebody will point out that I haven't "seen" the show. That's true. But it sounds vaguely racist in that many of its chortles come from watching the Indians try to learn American culture. Maybe they see it is a modern "Perfect Strangers" where they figure Americans are resentful enough in this climate that we'll have a bit of joy poking fun at the new equivalents of Russian yokels. Still, it's still a bit like making a sitcom about 9/11 or mortgage foreclosures.

"Coming this fall on NBC, a new comedy called 'Life Savings.' Watch as the residents of Barstow engage in humorous antics to delay the repo man for yet another week as Dave Johns, who was laid off 16 months ago after the State went bankrupt, tries to get his cupcake mobile business off the ground."


  1. I have no desire to watch this drivel, either. (I don't watch much TV to begin with.) Seeing that hundreds of thousands of American manufacturing jobs have been offshored over the past several decades, I don't see what the hell is so funny about the situation.

    We have become a service-based, low-wage economy, and these jobs are even easier to outsource. What a great system, huh?!?! The situation is deplorable and disgusting.

  2. Fourth Tier Nothing,

    What is your email again? I lost it in the transition between email accounts.