Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Blood Money

After writing my last blog entry in which I calculated how much more a person would pay for their law degree thanks to a 1-2 punch of rise in tuition and student loan interest rates, I decided to take a visit to my alma mater's website to see what they were charging the poor people who signed up for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be an attorney.

The incoming class is now paying $200+ more than I did in my first year! And I started school in 2006!

Seriously? After an entire year of hearing about the crummy jobs (or no jobs) many alumni have scrounged up! This is how the school responds?

Where does it stop? Where will tuition be in 5 years? Will it be $1200 per semester hour? Right now, they are clocking in at owing nearly $90,000 in tuition and books alone!

And I can see why they needed to increase tuition. Those podiums the professors use are so out of date! And those copies of 1934 real estate form books... Why, it's about time that students will have access to form books that don't contain language about making it illegal to sell houses to the colored people. And let's not forget that tragic moment when career service's fax machine broke. That event completely shot OCI all to hell. They were left scrambling and the only employers they could manage to invite to OCI were the legal aid office. Poor kids. They certainly would have been scooped up by the understaffed top 250 law firms.


  1. You might like this post a did a while back, it compares the cost (per hour) of law school classes to the cost of CLE credits.

  2. I finished up grad school about 10 years ago (a worthless MBA).

    It cost me about 20 grand. It was certainly no big name school.

    I just checked their web site to see what they're charging now.

    Well, it now costs 42 thousnad dollars for the same credential that will probably do nothing for you.

    It's not just the law school scam, higher education in general is a major scam.

  3. Support the Franken/Dodd bill (Fairness for Struggling Students Act (S 3219)) and the house version (Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Fairness Act (HR 5043)) which will stop the discrimination and allow student loans to be dischargeable in bankruptcy. HR 5043 has been voted out of subcommittee and is now in the house judiciary committee. Call your Congressmen, Senators Franken and Dodd and members of the house judiciary committee to show your support.

    Americans should not have to live in indentured servitude because the economy cannot provide a job for them at a living wage, often because the banks and corporations use their undue influence in the political process to shape the economy for their own purposes, not for the good of the country.

  4. Dear sir.

    I am also a graduate of a fester 4th tier law dump. I am drowning in 200k+ of debt and am unemployed. I did pass the bar so that's something in a nothing state.

    I read recently in National Juris magazine that LS tuition has been steadily on the rise for the last 8 years. This is something we all knew about but I (like many) was seduced into this shithole with starry eyed dreams of good money and a interesting job.

    Boy did i learn!