Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Christmas! And a Highly-Indebted 30 Years!

This lucky lady is going to have to pay back $200,000 for an undergraduate degree!

What $200,000 in Student Loans Looks Like.

She's asking for donations from the public. Ummmm....yeah. I can't get that excited over sending someone a dime for an undergraduate degree. Is Northeastern University worth that much? Even if it was OK, something tells me that I would be sending money to cover the cost of 4+ years of jello shots and pizza. It's a lot easier to manage your costs for undergraduate degrees simply because that person can knock out course credits at community college or arrange their schedule so they can work.


  1. Northeastern? Shoot, I don't even think an undergraduate degree at Yale is worth 200k.

  2. Need more information.

    At first glance, it sounds nuts, and probably is nonetheless, to spend such a sum on undergrad. That said, an argument can be made for racking up this kind of debt if the kid has gotten accepted to medical school, i.e., a real profession, with a real shot therefore at making that debt up and having a real career.

    Otherwise, it's nuts.

  3. Maybe she defaulted and got hit with collection costs.