Friday, October 7, 2011

"Hi, I make $50,000 per year."

I had an idea for a documentary or news story.

Someone should contrast the lives of at least two people who live in an area with the same cost of living and spending patterns who make about the same amount of money per year, have the same attitude towards spending, and who bought a house at the same stage of life (if possible).

HOWEVER, they should take someone who graduated from school about 15 years ago and compare them with someone who graduated about 5 years ago and compare how much money they have to spend on food, entertainment, and incidentals after they make their monthly student loan and mortgage/rent payment.


  1. Yeah, advantages associated with WW2 for the US are slowly going away. Americans have come to believe that they are special. In truth they were simply lucky to be away from a shitstorm called Europe and took in all the talent that fled from it. Now US will be in slow decline until it renews its commitment to free immigration and/or there will be another war in Europe.

  2. Yes, it's terrible that students are forced to borrow money, spend it on themselves, and then have to pay it back. That just isn't fair. Everyone else should have to repay their debts for them.

  3. I'd forgive student loan debt taken out by people trying to better themselves and get decent jobs using my taxpayer dollars ten times faster than I'd bail out mortgage lenders and the subprime mortgagees wanting bigger houses who they loaned to - oh wait, I had no choice and have already done the latter....

  4. Sounds good, I live in NYC and make 50k. I'm willing to submit an essay/have someone follow me around/make a video.