Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who is in Charge Here?

As pointed out by John Stewart, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street have very similar agendas, but they are aimed and different people.

The Tea Party wants the government to back off because it blamed the government for this mess.

The Occupy Wall Street wants corporations to back off because they blamed the corporations for irresponsible and illegal activities upon the economic situation.

The Tea Party eventually became a relatively successful political movement with sympathizers being elected to office-holding positions in the Republican Party.

Do you think that the Democrats are going to respond in kind to Occupy Wall Street sympathizers, even though it is picking up steam across the nation? 

I hear crickets chirping.  The politicians are not going anywhere near that stuff.

That, my friends, tells you who is really running the show at the end of the day.

1 comment:

  1. Well, it is funny that neither party really has it right... it's a party with big government and big business dancing hand-in-hand, and you ain't invited! If only we could have an "Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street."