Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Back to Work?

I don't understand these people who want the Occupy crowds to stop protesting and go back to work.

Do they seriously believe that many of those people are camped out day after day because they have jobs or even a home to go to?  Or is the media inventing the 9% or higher unemployment statistics?

It's funny that the naysayers want to blame Obama for the continued high unemployment, but they also want to believe that the protesters are just a bunch of spoiled hippies who just happened to wander by the park on the way to buy some ganja from their supplier and decided to hold an impromptu party.

In fact, I find it particularly interesting that many of the initial hoards of unemployed after the financial meltdown no longer have unemployment benefits.

Finally, let me close by saying that we in America are trying to sell the concept of American-style democracy to the rest of the world--especially the Middle East.  What example do we set when our cops randomly pepper spray people who are peaceably protesting?

They look at that and see that our way doesn't give them the freedoms that they desire.

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