Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Horrors of Public Bathrooms

Have you ever noticed that a lot of lawyer movies have a scene where the attorney is in a public bathroom at the courthouse?

I never really thought about it, but yeah, especially if you do spend a lot of time at the courthouse, you are subjected to the best and brightest of ancient public facilities.  For example, one had fairly ample space between the slats that are supposed to shield you from the world.  Instead of fixing the issue, some enterprising individual hung strategically placed toilet paper strips over those areas.

Yes, if only they looked as opulent as they do in the movies.  I kept waiting to come down with some sort of dread disease.

I was provoked to write today because I can no longer handle my pet peeve.  This is where we play:

What would you do if this happened to you?

You are at a sink in a public bathroom washing your hands.  You have a choice between two trash cans that are equidistant from your position.  In other words, you don't have to change position or strain to reach either one of them.

One trash can is a mostly empty waist basket with a large hole.

Another trash can is the small tin trash holder that is part of the paper napkin dispenser.  There is about a 6 inch space between the area where the towels come out and the area where the napkins are thrown away.

After you dry your hands, where do you dispose your trash?

1.  The waist basket where you can watch in satisfaction as the paper disappears down the wide, spacious hole to the bottom of the can?

2.  The tiny tin located directly under the paper napkin towel dispenser, where you have to cram it in and which forces the next person to maneuver around your soggy wet trash to get a clean napkin to wipe their hands?

I seriously can't figure out why someone would have an aversion to throwing away trash in a giant trash can.


  1. Hobson's choice, I suppose. Then again, many students will often choose to attend a higher-ranked law school in another region or state - and at sticker - rather than go to a local law school, that provides scholarship money.

  2. The bottom line is, lawyers are professionals who know what to do when it comes to sanitation. Though, they are not in the medical field, I believe that this should be a common sense.

  3. Well, humans have their own common sense, especially professionals, but I just don't understand they don't have a sense of common?

  4. I don't understand should I laugh or cry at the logic or at the situation. I really don't understand it.

  5. lol people just tend to think of themselves without thinking of others but the reality is they would not want others to that to them as well.

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